Our goal is to provide you the service, the entertainment, the technology, and most importantly, the controls to allow you to easily enjoy your living environment to the utmost.

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Lighting Control

Your busy schedule doesn't have to get in the way of keeping your home beautiful, day and night! At Electronic Solutions of Greenville, we are dedicated to saving you time, energy and ultimately money. By having an efficient lighting system, you are making an investment in your home.

Our advanced lighting control system allows remote access of your lighting system.  Be welcomed home by a well-lit drive-way and a cozy indoors. Adjust lighting in all or individual rooms with a touch of a button.  Not only is this a time saving investment but also an increase in the security of your property.

At Electronic Solutions of Greenville, we promise that with our help we can turn your house into a home. Now isn’t that relaxing?

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